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It's important to drink every drop of cum that's given to you, regardless of where it's been.
Welcome to episode two of "The Biggest Slut"! 

Today we have something extremely special for you ladies and gents, because we expect it to last quite a while!  These two girls, Bella and Hayley, will be competing in an anal endurance test for your entertainment!  The winner gets a whopping three thousand dollars to spend on Amazon so you can bet that they are going to go all out!

Each girl will take it in turns to bring one of our seemingly unending line of fans to orgasm using only their asshole and their enthusiasm!  They will be well lubed up before each guy, but after that it's up to them to keep themselves in the game with stamina alone!  If they have to tap out and stop a single scene, they will lose the entire competition.

And of course, as usual, there's a fun twist!  After each anal creampie, the other girl will be required to swallow the moneyshot out of the other girl's ass!  I see that worried look you're giving me, girls, don't worry, we'll make sure you're all cleaned out first.  But understand, if a single drop hits the floor when you could reasonably have been expected to catch it in their mouth, they will instantly lose!  And that includes involuntary regurgitation...

*Ahem* anyway, let's see which girl ends up with a house full of new goodies, and which girl ends up walking home with nothing more than a sore butthole and a stomach full of a stranger's ass cum!  All we know for sure is, all you watching at home are definitely the real winners tonight!


Lads we are two hours in and we can clearly see that Bella is starting to struggle, her ass has been completely ruined by that last guy!  What a powerhouse!  Hayley on the other hand seems to be taking it up her read like a champ, but she doesn't look happy.  Come on Hayley, get in position, Bella's got a new load for you to swallow, and then it's your turn next!  Come on, open your mouth now, that's it... Oh no!  It's all gone wrong for Hayley!  It seems she's been strugging with the asscum swallowing all along, and has reached her limit!  Some of it hit her in the nostril and now she's rolled away, coughing and spluttering!  Oh bad luck Hayley, that's an instant loss for you!  And it looked like you were so close to winning as well!

Well that's all she wrote for this episode, it would seem!  Thanks for watching at home, and Bella, enjoy your spending spree!  Until next time!