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If she makes any sound except for a pig snort, she gets a powerful shock from the implement on her right breast.
In this GENIUS predicament bondage, the slut can pull their arms backwards to get the wand down to touch their cunt. But obviously to do that, they will have to suffer the friction burn of the rope pulling tighter and tighter as it rubs its way under her. As her arms get tired, the slut will begin to lower her arms which will not only lose her the wand, but cause the rope to continue to rub on her cunt. Finally, as she nears orgasm, the girl will struggle even more to keep her arms in the right place. Alternatively, you can just admire how much more that crotch rope is going to torture the slut, considering it has a magic wand on full tied to it, sending the vibrations down the tight rope.
For some reason, degradation is that much more powerful when the recipient has their head near a toilet. I think it's because the implication is, that's where they belong. Next to a toilet. Because they are a waste dump themselves.
This one has been led into a bathroom at a large department store where she had her new makeup written on her, and she gave a risky blowjob to her Master, at the sinks, in clear view of anyone who walked in. She thought she'd gotten away with it, but her Master said she could only wipe off the makeup after she got back to the car. And her hands were to remain touching behind her back until she got there.
Let's all imagine she's being taken for a walk outside at night after being used by her Daddy.
My wife started seeing Benedict behind my back. He has a huge cock and thanks to him, Annie learned just how small mine was. But she was torn because while I never pleased her in bed, she did love me. But she also loved Benedict and his monster cock. So he came up with a plan. The plan involved slipping me female hormones and vitamins to promote a more feminine appearance. She started playing a white noise track while she slept, she said, to help her get a fitful sleep. I learned later that it had subliminal messages targeted at me to...alter how I thought and acted. When enough changes were apparent and I started talking about going to see a doctor, she brought Benedict home. She spiked my drink and shortly after introducing us, I passed out. I woke up and they were fucking. Her moans, sounds I had never heard her make, made me hard... well, would have made me hard if not for the chastity device they had slipped on me. I saw Benedict riding my wife doggy style and I inadvertently licked my lips when I saw that huge shaft pounding my wife. He moved in the next day. As I was forced to continue the vitamins and pills, which also included viagra to make me never forget why I had to do what they said, and forced to listen to the brainwashing in the guest room, my wife fucked Benedict all the time, and sometimes friends came over to join the two of them. Then the surgeries started, first with reasonably sized breasts, but being upped every few months until they were grotesquely huge, and he wanted them larger. He also wanted another slave to his cock... me. 
Bruno’s father remarried a country girl named Sara who grew up on a dairy farm, but Bruno and his dad were city slickers, so Sara had to move to the city with them. Despite all of her attempts, she couldn’t convince Bruno’s father, her new husband, to use his vast wealth for a farm.Then his business called Bruno’s dad oversees to handle business negotiations in Japan. Then Bruno got stopped and charged with drunk driving. Sara asked her husband how he wanted to punish his son, but Nathan Russo told her to deal with it however she felt. During the skype chat, Sara knew she saw some scantily clad Japanese women moving in the background. By the time Nathan Russo returned home, Bruno was now in a makeshift stall created in their mansion’s home. The stall was labelled Brunella. Sara may not be able to have a farm, but she would continue to be a dairy farmer... of sorts. When the feminized and lactating Brunella saw his father, he started sobbing, but the sounds were more gutteral and beastly, a sad mooing. Sara handed Nathan two sheets, one a copy of the prenup he had made her sign which included a promise of half his wealth and holdings if he cheated on her, and the other, a copy of a screencapture she took of naked Japanese women behind him from a skype chat. Nathan tried to bluster and protest, saying there wasn’t enough proof of adultery. Then Sara said two words... Karita Klimy. He knew the name. She was known as the Emasculator. Every woman who came to her for divorce walked away set for life. Nathan looked at his lowing son, being pumped for milk, and said he was sorry, and turned leaving the feminized hucow behind. Sara stroked her cow’s face and tugged gently on the tubes. “There there, Brunella. You just make Mommy lots of milk, okay? And I’m thinking of some ways you can help make make some extra cash... I hear there’s a sexual perversion...for anything...”
I so crave humiliation and degradation, I wouldn't just enjoy being feminized, but also made to lactate and treated like a cow.
Writings on skin, collared, restrained.. Now this looks good!
Hello and welcome to our first ever episode of "The Biggest Slut"!  Each week in this gameshow, we'll have girls competing for money and prizes by degrading themselves for the audience at home.  Today, we have Britanny and Jenna competing, and the rules are simple.  We have 51 lucky gents lined up and ready to blow.  The girls simply have to use their bodies and words to try and convince as many of the guys as possible to choose to jizz on their face.Once all the guys have made their decision and blown their load, we'll tally up the scores!  The girl with the most loads wins the grand prize of an all inclusive holiday to Tenerife, and the loser gets the bogey prize of getting the clean the winner with her tongue!  May the biggest slut win!
Extreme humiliation, degradation and hardcore BDSM win the mud!